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Sales NominatedSireDamDam's SireDOBColor / SexPhotosDiary
View SaleLiaisonHaggaiOfficer1/11/2015 b / f. Photos Name: Edk Priceless Gem
View SaleCongratsDiane'sexpresstourExpress Tour1/30/2015 dkb/brn / f. Photos
View SaleCongratsBig LoveGiant's Causeway2/9/2015 dkb/brn / c. Photos
Lemon Drop KidJulie Be GoodStormy Atlantic2/11/2015 b / f. Name: Julie Be Quick
View SaleMorning LineWickie's FlameKafwain2/12/2015 b / f. Photos
View SaleShanghai BobbyBrilliant AutumnYes It's True2/27/2015 b / c. Photos Name: Shanghai Buddy
View SaleStay ThirstyCrafty PushDixie Union2/27/2015 b / f. Photos Name: Cure the Thirst
View SaleArtie SchillerCheyenne AutumnIndian Charlie3/6/2015 dkb/brn / c. Photos
View SaleWarrior's RewardFrank's HopePulpit3/16/2015 dkb/brn / f. Photos Name: Buddy Ann
View SaleFlat OutOpen AgendaMore Than Ready3/18/2015 dkb/brn / c. Photos
View SaleMineshaftRylee's SongUnbridled's Song3/22/2015 ch / f. Photos Name: Newmans Fast Girl
View SaleStay ThirstyHoney GoldTouch Gold3/22/2015 b / c. Photos Name: Thirsty for Gold
View SaleEskendereyaMiss RelentlessMr. Greeley3/27/2015 ch / c. Photos Name: Candy Giant
MineshaftMouretteSmart Strike3/29/2015 ch / c. Name: Sir Anthony
View SaleUnion RagsWoodford GirlHonour and Glory3/31/2015 b / c. Photos Name: Our Honor
View SaleGemologistBeyond PriceKing of Kings (IRE)4/5/2015 b / c. Photos
View SaleCurlinLookinforchangeGilded Time4/5/2015 ch / f. Photos Name: Timeless Curls
View SaleMorning LineWildcat PrincessForest Wildcat4/6/2015 dkb/brn / f. Photos Name: Forever Salty
View SaleShacklefordMondenscheinBrahms4/9/2015 dkb/brn / c. Photos Name: Dreamer's Point
View SaleMidshipmanSassy City KittyBluegrass Cat4/21/2015 b / f. Photos
View SaleCurlinElla BelleElnadim4/22/2015 ch / c. Photos
View SaleMineshaftLook For GoodUnbridled's Song4/25/2015 dkb/brn / f. Photos Name: Wisconsin
View SaleAlgorithmsSilk SailsOcean Crest4/26/2015 dkb/brn / c. Photos Name: Khwarizmi
View SaleCurlinCreeker's SurpriseVictory Gallop4/30/2015 ch / c. Photos
View SaleBellamy RoadDeputie's NotebookNotebook5/4/2015 dkb/brn / c. Photos Name: Thirteen Popsicles
View SaleSpring At LastFunny PagesRahy5/10/2015 ch / c. Photos Name: Spirit Hawk
View SaleMorning LineSister QuickIde5/10/2015 b / c. Photos Name: Part of the Plan
View SaleShacklefordMiss WineshineWolf Power (SAF)5/26/2015 ch / c. Photos Name: Shackled