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Sales NominatedSireDamDam's SireDOBColor / SexPhotosDiary
View SaleCandy Ride (ARG)Stormy WayStorm Creek1/31/2006 b / c. Photos Name: Capt. Candyman Can
View SaleStrollSay You'll StayWoodman2/2/2006 b / c. Photos Name: Sabino
View SaleSeeking the GoldStellar SlewSeattle Slew2/11/2006 dkb/brn / c. Photos Name: Whitehouse Ridge
View SaleForest WildcatOn the TownPleasant Colony2/23/2006 b / f. Photos Name: Cat Onthe Town
View SaleToccetSister QuickIde3/8/2006 ch / f. Photos Name: Sister Kathleen
View SaleGolden MissileStarr MisMiswaki3/10/2006 ch / c. Photos Name: Kenny Penny
View SaleHalo's ImageNative Gate DancerGate Dancer3/21/2006 b / f. Photos Name: Girls Image
View SaleSotoLa TurkTurkoman3/21/2006 b / f. Photos Name: O'Sotopretty
View SaleToccetShawgatnyDanzig Connection3/24/2006 b / f. Photos Name: East Leestown
View SaleTale of the CatTrust FundConquistador Cielo3/25/2006 b / c. Photos Name: Antitrust
View SaleOrientateArt StudentEl Prado4/2/2006 ch / c. Photos Name: Viscount
View SaleToccetClever Empress (GB)Crafty Prospector4/6/2006 ch / f. Photos Name: Clever Omneya
View SaleAwesome AgainKnock OffFit to Fight4/15/2006 dkb/brn / c. Photos Name: Nakayama Tiger
View SalePleasantly PerfectWinner's EdgeSeeking The Gold5/14/2006 b / c. Photos Name: Perfect Edge
View SaleCongareeEliot ChacerClever Trick5/25/2006 ch / c. Photos Name: Conchacer