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Sales NominatedSireDamDam's SireDOBColor / SexPhotosDiary
View SaleYes It's TrueScatter the CrowdProspector's Music1/25/2010 dkb/brn / c. Photos Name: Ill Be Honest
Exchange RateLeading LionessLion Cavern2/5/2010 dkb/brn / c. Photos Name: Magic Stripe
View SaleRockport HarborGranny SpinsterDistorted Humor2/15/2010 b / c. Photos Name: Sinister Spinner
View SaleHard SpunChampagne EndingPrecise End2/27/2010 b / f. Photos Name: A Toast to All
View SaleSuccessful AppealAblazeForest Camp3/4/2010 b / f. Photos Name: Blazingsuccess
View SaleMaster CommandSilk SailsOcean Crest3/12/2010 ch / c. Photos Name: Incansable
View SaleHarlan's HolidaySilver WenchSilver Ghost3/16/2010 dkb/brn / f. Photos Name: Astra
View SaleAny Given SaturdayShawgatnyDanzig Connection3/17/2010 ch / f. Photos Name: Winter Book
View SaleBluegrass CatCoyaDeputy Minister3/25/2010 ch / c. Photos Name: Bluegrass Man
Elusive QualitySilver CrownDistorted Humor4/1/2010 b / f. Photos Name: Elusive Crown
Lemon Drop KidAmouretteEl Gran Senor4/7/2010 ch / f. Photos Name: Alette

Illinois Bred
View SaleScat DaddySealedwithapprovalWith Approval4/11/2010 dkb/brn / f. Photos Name: Daddy Approves
View SaleTiz WonderfulDeputie's NotebookNotebook4/26/2010 gr/ro / f. Photos Name: Tiz Molly
View SaleBluegrass CatEventuallyAffirmed4/26/2010 ch / f. Photos Name: Natty Boh
View SaleDixie UnionMore SilverSilver Hawk4/27/2010 dkb/brn / c. Photos Name: Silver Dixie
View SalePurgeMiner's BlessingForty Niner4/28/2010 dkb/brn / f. Photos Name: Brilliant Rescue
View SaleTale of the CatSand Pebbles (IRE)Sadler's Wells5/2/2010 b / f. Photos Name: Secret Story
OfficerBeyond PriceKing of Kings (IRE)5/4/2010 ch / c. Photos Name: Major Dude