Welcome to Lantern Hill Farm.
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NameSireDamCovering SireLBDFoaledGoes To
AmouretteEl Gran SenorChase the Dream  Barren  Mineshaft
Miner's BlessingForty NinerBless You  Barren  Henrythenavigator
Silver WenchSilver GhostBold Wench  Barren  Majestic Warrior
Look for GoodUnbridled's SongFlowers Kris S  Barren  Uncle Mo
Two Clubs (GB)First TrumpMiss Cindy  Barren  Uncle Mo
Little Tom CatTomorrows CatLittle Evie  Barren  Lookin' At Lucky
Woodford GirlHonour and GloryShawgatnyHarlan's Holiday Foaled  Blame
Pastel GalLemon Drop KidWatercolorsWar Front Foaled  Gio Ponti
Sand PebblesSadler's WellsClandestinaCity Zip Foaled  Regal Ransom
Champagne EndingPrecise EndDark ChampagneHard Spun Foaled  Warrior's Reward
Beyond PriceKing of KingsPriceless CountessTiz Wonderful Foaled  Macho Uno
VictoricaExobourneNoble NatishaHenrythenavigator Foaled  Cape Blanco
Granny SpinsterDistorted HumorGracious GrannyFlatter Foaled  Macho Uno
Wildcat PrincessForest WildcatWeed It OutEl Corredor Foaled  Twirling Candy
AblazeForest CampScatter the CrowdYes It's True Foaled  Ready's Image
Eliot ChacerClever TrickBright TributeStephen Got Even Foaled  Concord Point
Sister QuickIdeCome On TexasFlashy Bull Foaled  American Lion
SeeminglyOrientateHallowedWarrior's Reward Foaled  Warrior's Reward
Silk SailsOcean CrestAilsaConcord Point Foaled  Archarcharch
Silver CrownDistorted HumorSilvery HoneyCorinthian Foaled  Awesome Again
Deputie's NotebookNotebookDeputy's DelightMizzen Mast Foaled  Ready's Image
Winner's EdgeSeeking the GoldLucky UsKitten's Joy Foaled  Gio Ponti
CoyaDeputy MinisterWinner's EdgeMore Than Ready Foaled  Quality Road
Gold PrincessProspector's HaloNeedles LadyMidnight Lute Foaled  Giant Oak
Sweet Golden CarolMedaglia D'OroTurn and SparkleSuccessful Appeal Foaled  Cape Blanco
Miss WineshineWolf Power (SAF)Miss MississippiMidnight Lute Foaled  Successful Appeal
Wickie's FlameKafwainAblaze  Maiden  Birdstone
Funny PagesRahyLady of Beauty  Maiden  Warrior's Reward
UbettorubetOld TopperSpartiana  Maiden  Fusaichi Pegasus
ShawgatnyDanzig ConnectionStar Empress  Not Bred  Street Boss
Summer MisSummer SquallJulie Mis  Not Bred  Lemon Drop Kid
Clever EmpressCrafty ProspectorEmpress Jackie  Slipped   
LadyledueSlewledoExploded's Girl  Slipped  Awesome Again
Magic WayRunaway GroomMagic Blaze  Slipped  Warrior's Reward