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NameSireDamCovering SireLBDFoaledGoes To
Clever EmpressCrafty ProspectorEmpress Jackie  Barren  Exchange Rate
Wildcat PrincessForest WildcatWeed It Out  Barren  Colonel John
Scatter the CrowdProspectors MusicDesviacionYes It's True Foaled  Successful Appeal
Vicky's Gone WestGone WestVictoricaPleasantly Perfect Foaled  Bluegrass Cat
Leading LionessLion CavernMisty LaunchExchange Rate Foaled  Kodiak Kowboy
Granny SpinsterDistorted HumorGracious GrannyRockport Harbor Foaled  Offlee Wild
Champagne EndingPrecise EndDark ChampagneHard Spun Foaled  Exchange Rate
CoyaDeputy MinisterWinner's EdgeBluegrass Cat Foaled  Tiznow
AblazeForest CampScatter the CrowdSuccessful Appeal Foaled  Yes Its True
Aly's AditaAlydarRoyal EntranceDixie Union Foaled  Tiz Wonderful
Silver WenchSilver GhostBold WenchHarlan's Holiday Foaled  Stormy Atlantic
ShawgatnyDanzig ConnectionStar EmpressAny Given Saturday Foaled  Officer
VictoricaExbourneNoble NatishaMr. Greeley Foaled  Henrythenavigator
Silver CrownDistorted HumorSilvery HoneyElusive Quality Foaled  Tapit
Winner's EdgeSeeking the GoldLucky UsArch Foaled  Kitten's Joy
Miner's BlessingForty NinerBless YouPurge Foaled  First Samurai
SealedwithapprovalWith ApprovalLooking for a WinScat Daddy Foaled  Mr. Greeley
Aly's ConquestAlydarAm CapableIndygo Shiner Foaled  Lewis Michael
Beyond PriceKing of Kings (IRE)Priceless CountessOfficer Foaled  Officer
Deputie's NotebookNotebookDeputy's DelightTiz Wonderful Foaled  Exchange Rate
Sand Pebbles (IRE)Sadler's WellsClandestinaTale of the Cat Foaled  Distorted Humor
EventuallyAffirmedDeputy MissBluegrass Cat Foaled  Tiz Wonderful
More SilverSilver HawkDancing Lt.Dixie Union Foaled  Kodiak Kowboy
Silk SailsOcean CrestAilsaMaster Command Foaled  Midnight Lute
Miss PoisonKingmamboBloomyMineshaft Foaled  Macho Uno
Art ShowOut of PlaceArt StudentDixie Union Foaled  Bernstein
Gold PrincessProspector's HaloNeedles LadyAny Given Saturday Foaled  Bluegrass Cat
Woodford GirlHonour and GloryShawgatny  Maiden  Yes Its True
LadyledueSlewdledoExploded's Girl  Maiden  Birdstone
Pastel GalLemon Drom KidWatercolors  Maiden  Dixie Union
PopulistFusaichi PegasusPopulation (IRE)  Maiden  Indian Charlie
Sweet Golden CarolMedaglia d'OroTurn and Sparkle  Maiden  Pleasant Tap
Newport HarbourFull MandateAdvantage  Maiden  Holy Bull
Regal VickyVying VictorArtic High  Maiden  Einstein
Sister QuickIdeCome On Texas  Rested  Nobiz Like Shobiz
Lever to HeavenBluebirdNo Rehearsal  Rested  Einstein
Eliot ChacerClever TrickBright Tribute  Slipped  Indygo Shiner
DynastyTime for a ChangeNorthern Dynasty  Slipped  Midnight Lute
Western FriendGone WestLajna  Slipped  Henrythenavigator